The Halal CB (Private) Limited is an independent certification registrar for Halal Management System/products/services with head office located in Lahore, Pakistan. Our Halal management system certifications are offered throughout Pakistan.

All of our qualified and dedicated staff members have expertise to audit Halal management system for products/services. With Halal certification, we provide the latest economic avenues. Since uncertainties regarding Halal products are always cropping up in food industry, both in production and consumption. The Halal CB decided after conducting in-depth research and studies, to create transparency for the Muslim consumers.

The aim of Halal CB is to assure the Muslim consumers that the certified Halal Management System whose products are Halal and are genuinely in compliance with PS:3733-2019. This guarantees of that products certified by Halal CB are compatible with Muslim dietary requirements and also produced according to the highest Halal food standards.

The Halal CB promotes professionalism and excellence in the certification of Halal Management System. The Halal certificate issued by Halal CB is recognized throughout the Muslim countries and our clients have gained unique access to the global Halal market which worth is trillions of dollars.

Halal is no longer just a purely religious issue but it has become a global symbol for quality assurance and lifestyle. The Halal marketplace is emerging as one of the most lucrative and influential market arenas in the world today. It is a new market force that should not be overlooked.

The Halal CB specializes in overseeing, auditing and certifying Halal Management System/products/services. Please contact us to discuss Halal certification of your Management System.




  • 57 Islamic countries
  • 1.9 Billion Muslims worldwide
  • 51 Million Muslims in Europe
  • 5.6 Million Muslims in Germany
  • US$ 1.9 Trillion global Halal food Market


Means "allowed, approved, legal and legitimate." If used in conjunction with food and drinks, it means that Muslims are allowed to consume it. To declare something Halal it is mandatory that no contamination with Haram during preparation, production, packing, storage and transportation.


Means "not allowed, unauthorized, unverified, unlawful and illegal." If used in conjunction with food and drinks, it means that Muslim are not allowed to consume it. A product is considered Haram, if it derived from pigs, dogs, donkeys, alcohol and carrion.


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