• Assurance of halal compliance of raw or precursor materials in processing.
  • Development of new markets and customer segments.
  • Trend market with great potential for growth.
  • National and international acceptance of your halal products and services.
  • Advertising impact and strengthening of your image.
  • Consumer trust and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Halal compliance of your finished product.
  • Your products are independent, neutral and certified according to recognized Halal standards by an accredited Halal certification body.
  • You can respond to customer inquiries from the Islamic world in line with requirements.
  • You promote trust in your products with your Muslim customers.
  • You stand out from your competitors.
  • Halal handling from a single source by an independent, recognized and specialized body.
  • Consumer confidence – it allows the consumers to make an informed choice of their purchase
  • Competitive advantage – manufacturers can use it as a marketing tool to secure bigger market share as halal food is suitable for both Muslims and non- Muslims. At the international level, it can enhance the marketability of the products, especially in Muslim countries.
  • Quality – it indicates that the food product not only fulfills halal requirements but also strict hygiene practices
  • For the authority – it provides a mechanism to audit and monitors halal food.