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Making sure that our products exceed customer expectations, for quality, style and performance.

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We are here to provide a credible Halal certification and monitoring service so that the rights of Muslims to have access and consume Halal food is protected and promoted. HCB’s vision it to bring convenience and peace of mind to the Muslim consumer.

Our Vision

To provide unparalleled Halal Certification Services to All Industries. Implement and enhance a worldwide integrated Halal market, aiming at guaranteeing, in accordance with the global Halal standards, business opportunities for finance and economic professionals and safeguard of consumers’ rights.

What is HCB?

As a Halal Certification Body, We commit to high ethical and profession standards that embody the principles of honesty, respect and fairness stated in the Holy Koran. We demonstrate ethical conduct and inspire trust as individuals and as an organization. Therefore, our efforts must be both collaborative and impartial. We provide guidance and support to companies wishing to broaden their market potential, be it in the public or the private sector. To successfully aid our customers, our integrity is critical, as is our ability to seek solutions, provide guidance, and promote and encourage collaborations as appropriate.

This often requires us to have a detailed understanding of the goals, technologies, applications, business and market data of our customers. We use this information to provide the aforementioned guidance and support. And therefore, our Halal certification marks are trusted by millions of people around the globe.

Why Halal Certification Body (HCB) chose their mission to Halal certify business entities via integrity, knowledge, and service? Is Halal a good industry to invest in? Why people should even care for Halal? Let’s dig deeper. In the last two decades the word Halal has become commonplace in food industry circles and other markets where Halal compliance is driven by consumer needs. In the early years of the Halal industry the term Halal was only known and used by multinational companies conducting business in Southeast Asia, some limited areas of the Middle East and by those well-traveled internationally. Today the Halal products trend is growing in tandem with the global Halal consumer marketplace. The goal at HCB is to assist organizations looking to expand market share through product awareness and acceptance through Halal certification.

Core Values

Our core values derive from our faith which inspires us to be confident, fair, polite and professional, and bring about fresh positive changes in society. One of our early focal points that remains today is to be an organization to serve and educate. We challenge ourselves to the highest level of authenticity and credibility, tapping the best of the human spirit to create impact both inside and outside of our company.

• our clients who own and/or produce Halal products.
• Provide value added services by answering more than the obvious singular questions and anticipate and address the full scope of issues
• Share our decades of global experience to educate our customers and general consumer inquiries.
• Give back to the community around us. We strongly believe, a success that does not give back is a selfish one.
• Communicate in an effective and timely manner by both phone and email for a personalized touch.
• Deliver services in short turnaround times and expedite processes without sacrificing internal and international Halal compliance standards.
• Establish and maintain a professional rapport with existing or prospective customers.
• Be an ongoing reliable resource to always present a clear picture of an ever growing and changing industry.

History Of HCB

As a group of Turkish Muslim professionals in different fields since 205, our mission at Halal Certification Body has always been that of guidance and support to companies wishing to broaden their Halal market potential, whether local or abroad. For years the leadership and team of HCB has led a development of education, awareness, transparency, and Halal related services to individuals and companies seeking to expand market share and understanding the global Halal industry. As an early Turkish and Gulf pioneer in Halal Certification Services, HCB has garnered global accreditation and recognition over the years for its professional level of services and industry support. Rest assured, HCB has the right team of people ready and able to assist whatever and whenever the need arises.

Further, greater access was provided to an international audit and Islamic scholar team with the knowledge and expertise in all areas of the food industry and non-consumables markets. With these changes and additional services HCB is more than ever better able to serve the growing demand for Halal Certification services throughout Turkey and all other regions. HCB’s existing and ongoing global accreditation and strategic partnerships continue to define HCB as a market leader and go-to source for all areas of the Halal industry.

What We Do

Halal certification body plays a large role in the Halal industry both as an educator and a certifier. HCB partners with companies that specialize in the production of all consumable and non-consumable products and certifies those that are found to be Halal compliant.

Who We Serve

HCB provides Halal certification services to a diverse range of customers, products, and brands across many consumer and commercial industries. Some examples of HCB’s primary service offerings are related to flavor companies, meat, poultry and dairy products, to vitamin, supplements, cosmetics and other personal care items. Some of our non-consumables service offerings are related to filters, lubricants, cleaning materials and other synthetic chemical or natural mineral based goods.

Some HCB customers are small enterprises with products produced by third party manufacturers with the industry knowledge and experience to produce, package, label and ship their Halal goods anywhere.

Others HCB customers are long-time family owned businesses who make cheese, ice cream, baked goods and beverages with years of time-tested formulas and flavors that continue to entice buyers domestically and even globally as their products and markets expand aided by Halal certification.

HCB is proud of its valued added customer focus and Halal industry experience and proven by daily customer testaments to our excellent service levels.

HCB’s team of professionals serve product owners and manufacturers in every industry. HCB serves various industries located nearly anywhere in the world. Whether it is meat and poultry, flavors and colors, nutraceuticals or non-consumables, processed food, bakery products- HCB is the company to quickly accommodate all your halal inquiries and needs. We serve offices, factories, manufacturers, and producers from all industries.

Additionally, large multinational companies entrust HCB with the certification of their extensive line of products and multiple facilities in North America and overseas. HCB is proud of its valued added customer focus and Halal industry experience and proven by daily customer testaments to our excellent service levels.

Why Choose HCB

There are many reasons why Halal consumers contact HCB. Some of them are listed below

• Islamic Services of America (HCB) is one of the oldest and most prominent Halal certifiers in North America. For over forty years we have served the Halal industry and Halal consumers.

• HCB can answer any Halal related question for you. What is Halal? What is Zabihah? What is the difference between Halal and Zabiha? Anything that comes to your mind, our experts are ready to answer your questions.

• HCB can guide you to select the best Halal certification service agreement for your business and tailor it according to your products and industry.

• HCB is a one stop Halal certifier. We have the capacity, credibility, and qualified teams to meet all your Halal certification needs. From Halal meat to flavors and ingredients, consumables and non consumables – we can certify anything that meets Halal standards.

• HCB Halal certification logos can open doors for your businesses and products. Whether you are in sales, regulatory, QA, operations, marketing or business development – you may need to know about Halal certification and its benefits and impact to your business.
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