Halal Certification

  • HCB receives customer inquiry by phone or email.
  • Tell us about your company, identify contact information, and describe your needs and goals.
  • Discussion points include determining type of industry, product line, number of products, whether for domestic and/or export and customer’s projected timeline needs.


  • Application and process and pricing overview provided to potential customers following initial email inquiry or phone call discussion.
  • HCB process and pricing overview is confidential and proprietary between HCB and customer prospects.
  • HCB requests prospective customer to send product ingredient statements and production process flowcharts.


HCB receives application and product information to:

  • begin drafting the service agreement,
  • commence Halal product review and analysis, and
  • add customer facility location(s) to the Halal audit facility inspection schedule

Service Agreement Executed

  • The Service Agreement with pricing and terms and conditions needs to be executed by authorized signers for both parties.  Upon execution, HCB provides its Halal logos and proceeds with the review and approval of products submitted and then arranges for the facility audit stage.

Raw Materials Used

  • For a product to be considered Halal, all of its ingredients need to be Halal.
  • Halal sensitive materials may be approved, at HCB’s sole discretion, from internationally recognized Halal certifying sources.
  • Identification of the manufacturer for each item may be required.
  • Other factors in the plant may affect the Halal status of the product.
  • Are release agents Halal?
  • Are other products on the same processing line Halal?
  • A complete raw material and ingredient listing for each product is required.

Product Description

  • Tell us about the product(s) for certification.
  • The ingredient component list will help us determine if the product can be Halal.
  • The primary label brand name and any private labels (i.e., when your company’s name does not appear) are required.
  • The distributor’s name and particulars (if and when applicable).

Initial Audit and Evaluation

  • Following the successful completion of the product and ingredient review, a facility audit will be scheduled with an HCB Halal Quality Assurance Auditor.
  • Audit date is only finalized once service agreement is signed and HCB QA has approved products for certification.

Halal Audit Facility Inspection Scheduled and Completed

Upon the successful completion of the Halal facility audit inspection visit, customer is invoiced for:

  • Audit inspection fee
  • Halal facility audit inspection travel expenses and auditor per diem salary
  • Facility certification – good through end of current calendar year (or as negotiated if certified in 4th quarter)
  • Halal product review – one-time charge per product
  • Halal product certification – per product good through end of current calendar year (or as negotiated if certified in 4th quarter)

Halal Certification Issued

  • Upon the receipt of payment for all services, a formal Halal certificate will be issued and Halal production may commence.
  • HCB logo and seal will be forwarded to be used on packaging. The Halal certification logo can be added to your package upon your scheduled package refresh.

Additional Information

  • Upon receipt of payment, Halal facility and product certification is issued – scanned original by email and hard copy by mail or courier as requested.
  • The maintenance of a Halal program requires the close involvement of the facility QA and production supervisors.


5.1 Receipt and verification of certification application

Basic information about clients interested in the certification of Halal quality management system is collected by personal contact, in writing or otherwise.

The client´s representative completes an “Application for the Submission of an Offer” (OB-07) with information required to determine the desired scope of certification, provide basic information about the organization, activity, sites, outsourced services, standards or other legal requirements related to the products and services for which Halal certification is requested.

The client prepares the documentation with a description of all production processes and verification of all raw and other materials used in the production of Halal products or provision of Halal services.

The completed application for an offer regarding Halal certification that is delivered by the client to the Centre is used to analyse the documentation and establish the possibility for meeting the client´s requests, i.e. review the application.

The review and verification of the “Application for the Submission of an Offer” (OB-07) are conducted by an employee of the Centre who has the required know-how and skills, in accordance with the “Employee Skills Matrix” (UP-01). The review and verification of the above application is conducted within 10 working days from the receipt thereof.

If the documentation is incomplete, the client is asked to supplement it. The Centre will accept the application once the documentation is complete. If the client fails to submit complete documentation within three months, the Centre rejects the application for certification and notifies the client thereof.

Initial certification audit

The initial certification audit is organised at the initiative of the client after Halal requirements have been implemented.

  1. a) Stage 1 audit

The objective of the stage 1 audit is to review the client´s preparedness for certification and agree on the conduct of the stage 2 audit.

  1. b) Stage 2 audit

The purpose of the stage 2 audit is to evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of the client´s Halal quality management system. It takes place at the site of the client and include an assessment of the implementation of all Halal requirements, compliance of the Halal quality management system, legal regulations, achievement of Halal objectives, process management, evaluation of the results of the Halal internal audit and management review, management responsibility for client´s policies.


Following the conducted audit the head of the Department for Certification and Tourism and the Director of the Centre review the audit record, the records of nonconformities and the objective evidence, and deliver the overall documentation to the Commission for granting Halal certificates.

The final decision on granting certification is adopted at the proposal of the Centre’s Director approved by the Commission for granting Halal certificates, which is appointed by the Impartiality Committee.