As a group of Turkish Muslim professionals in different fields since 2005, our mission at Halal Certification Body has always been that of guidance and support to companies wishing to broaden their Halal market potential, whether local or abroad.  For years the leadership and team of HCB has led a development of education, awareness, transparency, and Halal related services to individuals and companies seeking to expand market share and understanding the global Halal industry.  As an early Turkish and Gulf pioneer in Halal Certification Services, HCB has garnered global accreditation and recognition over the years for its professional level of services and industry support.  Rest assured, HCB has the right team of people ready and able to assist whatever and whenever the need arises.

Further, greater access was provided to an international audit and Islamic scholar team with the knowledge and expertise in all areas of the food industry and non-consumables markets.  With these changes and additional services HCB is more than ever better able to serve the growing demand for Halal Certification services throughout Turkey and all other regions.  HCB’s existing and ongoing global accreditation and strategic partnerships continue to define HCB as a market leader and go-to source for all areas of the Halal industry.

The goals we strive to achieve are clear and simple

  • Strengthen the Halal growing industry and business through the expertise that HCB has acquired over the years regarding Halal certification and its norms and standards.
  • Work with business, government, religious scholars, organisations and academia to promote the Halal business by providing quality standards.
  • Foster Halal industrial development and commercialization worldwide.