For more than a decade, Halal has continuously developed into a new quality feature for food. As Halal standards combine Islam-compliant nutrition with first-class manufacturing practices and high ethical values, Halal products and services are steadily gaining global economic importance. For this reason, 57 Islamic States (OIC) have already developed halal standards for industry, trade and consumer protection. Halal certification promotes smooth B2B, increases export opportunities, secures new sales markets and creates trust.


Halal foods are products, which are manufactured in compliance with the Islamic dietary and purity norms. Good and healthy (Tayyib) products which are processed under hygienic and contamination free conditions and which comply with high quality requirements, ethical and ecological values.

Why Halal Certification Body?

When it comes to solid halal certification of your products and processes, we are the right partner. As an independent testing and certification body for Halal products, we have been offering our know-how for the food, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries across globe since 2005. Halal Certification Body is one of the leading international companies in the field of halal certification and is a reference point for authorities, Islamic institutions, food associations and companies. The Halal Certification Body seal of approval is a guarantee for the professional implementation of the certification in compliance with Halal norms and standards and a symbol for security, integrity and credibility.